CHOMS is accessible through a secure web based management site, via a login and password “User” system, giving access to a Project specific Management System. The user then has restricted levels of access rights to information and updating: viewing, view and report, update and administer rights.

CHOMS has a Project Management Interface between associated Projects and Site Management Systems, which enables a “real time” in-depth overview of completion status for all associated Projects also instead of the traditional facility of only being able to view one project at a time authorised personnel can view multiple projects rolled into one overview report, this allows CHOMS users the safety of knowing the status of all projects being carried out on an asset regardless of who is completing them and what certification system they are using. This is critical to the Safety of the asset during final Hydrocarbon Commissioning and Start-Up.

If web access is restricted a Stand Alone system is available, which has all the CHOMS features but without access to real time Project Management Interface reporting.

The structure of CHOMS is a various level “Pyramid” format, made up of various tables, allowing importing and exporting of data from or to external sources, in various formats.

This feature allows accessibility to data and information from Tag no level through to Final Handover summaries. The Asset can retain CHOMS and all the data and information that has been gathered during the build and commissioning and continue to use it as a “whole of life” management tool, the CHOMS system can interface with existing asset tools or as a standalone tool control joint management along with preservation and maintenance schedules throughout asset life.

CHOMS can easily be tailored to meet Project or Asset specifications and individual requirements.

The CHOMS certification and report generating system will collate all information and produce “real time” reports to the clients requirements, by System, Status, Work Pack, Job Card, Location, Discipline, Phase, Punch Lists, Changes of scope, TQ/EQ, HUC, Costs, Preservation, Maintenance, CHOMS is so adaptable the data is able to be manipulated into any report or format a client wants. Being able to easily see the status allows a safe controlled handover from construction, to commissioning, to start-up and Final Handover to the Asset in a safe and efficient manner. All reports that are produced are dated and printed in a format that restricts manual modification to keep reporting integrity once reports have left the CHOMS system.

CHOMS is populated with a full suite of certification check sheets, Construction (A sheets), Commissioning (B sheets) and Start-up (C sheets) the clients own specific check sheets can be used or even created for unique activities. CHOMS also contains a full suite of unique Handovers Certificates; DMCC, MCC, CCC and SCC certificates which are available complete with status reporting which will ensure the safe controlled movement of ownership and responsibility of the projects assets.